Company overview

sabertek-home-page-intro-imageAt SABERTEK we are able to offer our clients a complete turnkey solution from concept to final product.

Since inception in 1993 SABERTEK has grown from a small electronic design company into a complete solutions provider for the electronics industry.

Our state of the art manufacturing technology enables us to compete with the best in the manufacturing and sub contract manufacturing market. A fully integrated ISO9001 management system ensures that top quality is maintained at all times throughout every division within SABERTEK. Our continuous investment in training over the last 20 years of our just fewer than 100 staff compliment has rewarded us with a highly qualified, professional and motivated team whose eager to please attitude has created one of the nicest working environments one could hope for.

With personalised service combined with flexibility and a very well structured company we are confident that SABERTEK is for you, our client, the ideal strategic partner for your next product.

From an initial meeting where an idea is put on the table, we are able to take that idea through the design and development phase where we create the PC board layout. Our in house purchasing department then sources all the components in order to complete the BOM (Bill of materials). Once this is completed it then passes through the Industrialisation process before being handed over to Manufacturing. Our manufacturing department populates the PC board with all the necessary components by means of pick and place machines before sending them through the wave soldering ovens where all the components are fused to the pc boards for good. After the boards have cooled down to room temperature a visual inspection is done prior to being sent through the final inspection which is carried out by means of infra-red camera inspection machines. Final assembly is then carried out once the PC board has passed all inspections. The next but crucial phase is to rigorously test the completely assembled product by means of our custom designed and built test jigs and then finally on to our packaging department who package the product and send it on to stores ready for shipment.