Engineering and Design

Our engineering department provides you with a wide range of expertise in electronic based product development including but not limited to consulting services. Our services are provided throughout the entire product development process from conception to a fully packaged and tested product.

New product development is one of our key areas of focus within the engineering department in order to stay abreast with new technologies that are constantly emerging, thus enabling us to align ourselves strategically with this technology.

Our client orientated product development segment of our portfolio is continually expanding due to the dedication of our experienced project engineers to deliver a product that not only  meets all the predefined product requirements but is also on time and within the budget allocated.

Our development team consists of highly skilled and experienced engineers whose expertise includes both hardware and software development of systems using analogue and digital technologies.

Engineering PC board

Hardware development includes:                                                                               


  • Electronic schematic design
  • PCB layouts
  • Digital hardware design
  • Automated test equipment for hardware and software design
  • Hardware testing and qualification
  • Enclosure prototyping

Software development includes:

  • Embedded software
  • PC software
  • Software development of automated test equipment