ProductionAs previously mentioned our state of the art manufacturing facility is one of the most advanced in South Africa. The combination of our experienced personnel and superior equipment enables us to deliver a cost effective, highest possible quality and on time product. All of the BOM’s are reviewed to eliminate any mistakes whilst highlighting lead times and possible alternatives if and when required.

Comprising of high speed pick and place machines our production lines are able to operate at a combined placement rate of 100 000 components per hour. The latest packages such as Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) as well as 01005 components can be placed within an accuracy of 30 micron.
We have a combination of Manual, Semi-automatic and fully automatic paste machines which enables us to cater for every different application. Through our modern re-flow ovens we are able to perform leaded and lead free soldering. Wave soldering machines are utilised for conventional components but our skilled assemblers can solder SMD components as well as through hole components which is often needed when building prototype products. Vision inspection of all the component placements on the PC board is carried out by means of infra-red camera inspection machines to double check that each and every component is correctly placed.

Product testing is carried out by either our test technicians or our engineers. They make use of the latest measuring devices or our fully customised testing jigs which SABERTEK also manufactures for our contract customers.

Lastly the products are mechanically assembled and packaged by our team of highly skilled mechanical technicians, during this process each and every product is serialised for quality and traceability purposes.

After sales service

It goes without saying that we are there for our clients should they need any after sales service, some of the services we offer are:

  • Product packaging
  • Product distribution
  • Warranty control
  • Technical support
  • Product refurbishment


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