Sabertek celebrates 20 years in business

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20 year celebration for SabertekBoy it is hard to believe that on the 31st of May 2013 Sabertek turned 20 years old, What a fan-tastic achievement !! In 1993 Derick Smalberger started up a small company doing Electronic design. Within 3 months he had to diversify somewhat and incorporate manufacturing. This was the beginning of a major snowball effect. In 1996 Sabertek bought their first production line 2nd hand on an auction and started to do sub contracting manufacturing. 20 years on Sabertek now employs 94 staff members from Centurion, Pretoria and the surrounding areas. They have two high speed SMT production lines placing up to 100 000 components per hour including state of the art vision inspection to ensure quality. Our manufacturing technology enables us to facilitate extremely high tech projects that use the latest and smallest components available in the world today. Sabertek pride themselves on their vast industry knowledge along with a highly motivated and willing team. “We are very proud of our service and believe that we go above and beyond to meet our every customers need and expectation” Derick says. Sabertek is proud to be working with some of the top companies in South Africa and their customer base extends to all corners of our continent.
From a tiny thought in your head their highly qualified and experienced Engineers will design your product in its entirety, The product then has to pass through the Industrialisation process before being handed over to their manufacturing department who will source all the components needed and build your product. It doesn’t however end there, another avenue which Sabertek is extremely well renown for is there design and manufacturing of test equipment, so you can rest assured that once your product ends up in the finished goods store it has been tested to infinity and back.
Saberteks services include:

  •  Engineering and Design – Their Engineering department provides you with a wide range of expertise in Electronic based product development, including consulting services.
  •  Industrialisation – Apart from their own products that are required to pass through the In-dustrialisation process, they also offer the service to whomever needs to have their products put through the process, these services are especially helpful to clients who have a first off production run on a new product.
  •  Manufacturing – Their manufacturing facility is one of the most advanced in South Africa, with a combination of their extremely experienced personnel and state of the art equipment you can be assured of a cost effective, high quality and timely production.
  •  After sales service – This includes but is not limited to Distribution, Packaging, Warranty control, Refurbishment and technical support.

“Our biggest asset is our staff compliment, they have all been trained to the highest standards in each of their individual facets. They are hard working and eager to complete their job to the best of their ability. This is evident from the fact that a large portion of our staff have been with us for over 10 years, in fact Elizabeth who was the 1st employee to join Sabertek still works for us to-day.”Derick says.

Congratulations Sabertek and Happy Birthday, may your business continue to grow for many years to come.

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